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The Servo Paddle represents an intelligent and efficient solution for automatic product loading across the Endloader's production flow. Designed to handle products that tolerate being pushed, the Servo Paddle is delivered as a versatile component that can be customized to meet your unique production requirements.

  • Enables automatic loading of products that come across the Endloader's production flow.
  • The paddle is used for products that tolerate being pushed.
  • The Servo Paddle is available as a single or double paddle, depending on capacity and the desired packaging pattern.
  • If a solution with a double paddle is chosen, this allows for packaging products in 2 layers or side by side.

Additional information

Automatic Loading with Precision:
Servo Paddle automates the loading process, ensuring precise and efficient handling of products that tolerate being pushed. The servo-controlled mechanism ensures smooth and gentle loading, ideal for a wide range of products.

Single or Double Paddle::
To meet varying capacity needs and packaging pattern preferences, Servo Paddle can be supplied as either a single or double paddle. This provides flexibility to choose the ideal configuration for your production process.

Double Paddle for Layered Packaging::
Opting for a double paddle enables not only side-by-side packaging but also layered packaging of products. This functionality is ideal when specific layering is required to meet product specifications or packaging standards.

Create Structure and Pattern:
Servo Paddle allows you to create structure and patterns in your packaging. Whether you choose a single or double paddle, you can customize the loading process to achieve the desired packaging aesthetics and functionality.

User-Friendly Operation:
Servo Paddle is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive operation makes it easy for operators to configure and monitor the loading process, ensuring a smooth and efficient production flow.

Invest in Servo Paddle to experience seamless and precise loading of your products, tailored to your capacity needs and packaging patterns. A reliable component that optimizes Endloader's production flow, creating structured and aesthetic packaging.

Paddle size

Width: 700 mm.
Length: 1520 mm.
Height: 1975 mm.
For all machines, customization is available to ensure each customer receives the optimal solution for their production/product.
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