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Optimize your production process with our advanced Servo filler, a key component enabling automatic loading of products across Endloader's production flow. The Servo filler is designed to handle fragile products that cannot withstand being pushed, providing you with the flexibility to customize the loading process according to your specific needs.

Changeover times when altering packaging patterns have been minimized, as all adjustments are made using counters and rulers.

  • Enables automatic loading of products that come across the Endloader's production flow.
  • The Servo Filler is used for handling products that cannot withstand being pushed.
  • Can be customized to reduce the product fall height to as low as 28 mm.
  • The Servo Filler can be supplied with multiple chambers for increased capacity or the option to load products in layers.

Additional information

Gentle Handling of Fragile Products:
The Servo Filler is the ideal choice for products that require extra gentle handling. Its servo-controlled mechanism ensures smooth and precise loading without compromising product integrity, making it perfect for fragile or sensitive items.

Customized Fall Height::
To accommodate varying product requirements, the Servo Filler can be customized to reduce the fall height of products to as low as 28 mm. This allows adapting the loading process to the unique characteristics of your products.

Multiple Chambers for Increased Capacity::
The Servo Filler can be supplied with multiple chambers, increasing capacity and enabling the loading of multiple products in one cycle. This functionality enhances productivity and reduces loading time, resulting in a more efficient production process.

Option for Layered Product Loading:
For additional flexibility, the Servo Filler can be configured to handle the loading of products in layers. This is ideal for products that require specific layering based on their shape and size.

User-Friendly and Reliable:
Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the Servo Filler offers reliable performance. The intuitive operation makes it easy for operators to configure and monitor the loading process, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Invest in a Servo Filler to experience smooth, precise, and gentle loading of your products. Tailored to your unique production needs and designed to maximize efficiency in your Endloader production flow.

Servo Filler Size

Width: 1400 mm.         
Length: 710 mm.         
Height: 1200 mm.         
For all machines, our standard machines can be customized so that all customers get the optimal solution for their production/product.
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