Product description

RB-Servo – CARTON ELEVATOR is the ultimate solution in carton production, constructed with precision and innovation. Combining stainless steel, POM, and PEHD materials, this machine meets the highest standards for durability and hygiene.

Overall, RB-Servo – CARTON ELEVATOR represents the best in modern carton production, where advanced technology, robust construction, and user-friendly features come together to meet your production needs efficiently and reliably.

Carton Elevator:

  • Constructed in Stainless Steel, POM, and PEHD
  • Closed tubular frame, without holes = no water ingress during cleaning
  • CE Marked
  • Designed to produce both glued and "snap-locked" cartons in the same machine
  • Quick changeover between formats <10 min.
  • Designed with a focus on ergonomics – Tools are pulled out of the machine during changeovers
  • Capacity: Single 55 pcs. per minute, Double 95 pcs.
  • Optimized movements considering individual carton sizes
  • Motorized feeding table for stable carton advancement and the ability to store up to 1000 cartons
  • HMI panel with recipe management for formats
  • Possibility of data collection and error logging


  • Constructed in stainless steel
  • 1 fixed magazine
  • Power supply: 3 x 400 VAC-N-PE, 3.5 kW or as per request
  • Power consumption: 0.93 kWh at 60 cartons per minute and a room temperature of 20°C


Additional Equipment:

  • Spray adhesive system

Additional information

RG Packs Carton Travel Machine Model R5 Servo is a single-headed, servo-mechanical travel machine with direct carton feeding. The machine can be used alone or integrated into an automatic packaging line. Model R5 Servo seals the carton with either flap closure or hot glue.

Model R5 Servo features stepless speed regulation, allowing fine adjustments in speed to optimize the process flow. Moreover, the stepless speed regulation makes it easier to adjust the speed for the right balance between precise packaging handling and fast production.

Model R5 has a capacity ranging from 15-50 packages per minute depending on carton size and the number of tools. You get a fast machine to optimize your packaging process.

With RG Packs Carton Travel Machine Model R5 Servo, you get a stable machine that ensures you can maintain a reliable and efficient packaging process.

Features and Innovation:
A closed tubular frame without holes ensures there is no risk of water ingress during cleaning, and the production environment remains hygienic. This machine is CE marked and is designed for versatile production of both glued and "snap-locked" cartons, all within the same machine.

Quick Changeover and Operator Comfort::
RB-Servo enables quick changeovers between formats in less than 10 minutes. The construction is developed with a special focus on ergonomic working positions, where the tool is easily pulled out of the machine during changeovers, increasing efficiency and creating a more user-friendly production environment.

Efficient Capacity and Movements::
This carton travel machine is optimized to handle individual cartons at an impressive speed of up to 55 pieces per minute and double cartons with a capacity of 95 pieces per minute. Movements are carefully tailored to different carton sizes to ensure optimal efficiency and precision.

Advanced Technology:
RB-Servo is equipped with a motorized feed table that ensures stable carton feeding, with a capacity of up to 1000 cartons. The HMI panel with recipe management makes format changes simple and user-friendly. Additional options such as data collection and error logging give you full control over the production process.

Stackpacker Size

Width: R5 855 mm. / R5B 1700 mm.
Length: 2447mm.
Height: 1940 mm.

For all machines, our standard machines can be customized - ensuring that all customers get the optimal solution for their production/product.

Carton Size Dimensions

Carton Size Image

Width: 82 - 450 mm.
Length: 82 - 450 mm.
Height: 20 - 100 mm.

Other sizes available upon request. For all machines, our standard machines can be customized - ensuring that all customers get the optimal solution for their production/product.

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